Gate Zen

There is a moment on every flight where the entire plane is full of energy. It’s somewhere in between “Please remain seated until the captain has turned off the seat belt sign.” and that DING! It’s mad chaos…people in the aisle immediately begin hauling down their carry-on bags after ripping off their seat belt shackles. Free at last! Those in window seats stand up, only to crane their necks, due to the lower ceiling heights. I used to be one of those travelers…and now I have Gate Zen.

Somewhere Between ORD and LAS

Somewhere Between ORD and LAS

What is Gate Zen, you ask? It’s something I’ve learned after years of being pressed up against other travelers in the aisle, jockeying for position to deplane as soon as possible. Now, I simply stay seated, play Sims Freeplay on my iPhone, and wait until it is absolutely my turn to grab my suite-case (dear reader, it is intentionally spelled that way…my Samsonite bag has been with me on trips on 5 continents, and I will extol its virtues in a later blog post).

I used to feel a moment of temporary stress pulsing through my veins when I was the one holding up the entire airbus full of people behind me—oh the shame! But now, with Gate Zen, I calmly grab the suite-case from the bin, pull up the retractable handle, and add my laptop bag to the top before strutting down my personal runway to whatever fabulous destination is in store for me. Om!


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