Whyoming Not?

Gold Dome in Cheyenne

Gold Dome in Cheyenne

State Capitol No. 33

State Capitol No. 33

Capitol Geese

Capitol Geese

As a frequent business traveler, I spend anywhere from 40-60% of my work time away from home. I usually attempt to attach dinner with friends or grab drinks with colleagues while in far-away cities like Helsinki, Melbourne, and Chicago. Earlier this week, unfortunately, my plans in Denver with the fabulous designer Margaret Miller were canceled–due to her travel schedule–and I found myself bound for glamorous Fort Collins, Colorado sooner than expected.

I like to pre-navigate the destinations in which I journey, yet for some reason, I didn’t spend the time to check out the wonderful restaurants and sites in town. (I did end up at Rustic Oven for a splendid meal, thanks to a good tip from the front desk.) As I was making the hour-plus drive from Denver International Airport to Northern Colorado, I began to notice the highway signs to Cheyenne. A quick recap of my state capitals, and I realized that I could hit my 33rd state capital in another hour. Wyoming, here I come!

The city itself reminded me of a quaint Texas county seat, and the golden dome from the capitol building gleamed in the distance as I entered the city limits. Located about 10 miles from the state border, Cheyenne, Wyoming was quaint and bustling in the late afternoon. I parked my rental car in a free spot right on the capitol square and walked around–without a coat, luckily–to snap some photos. I think the Instagram pics turned out semi-well, especially for such a random, unplanned detour!

I’ve asked my mum to hit Jefferson City with me; here the top attraction is a prison museum. I’ve also tapped a friend to select one of the 17 states I’m missing, and she selected Madison, home of a Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum. When one finds herself in uncharted territory and spots an attraction up ahead…why not?


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