Central Europe

My friend Staci is going on a fabulous European adventure in May: Munich-Salzburg Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest-Prague-Dresden-Berlin. She asked for some advice about tours from Munich, and I was most happy to respond with some ideas.

When I was in Munich for Oktoberfest in 2007, my friends and I did a bus tour of Linderhof and Neuschwanstein, and it was convenient, easy, and a great way to see the Bavarian countryside. No pre-planning: we booked it from our hotel when we got there. I also connected her with a friend that lives there, and when I visited him last, he took me to an enormous biergarten in the middle of a park that is a must-do.

Below are my other quick tips for the other cities on her itinerary:

  • Salzburg: do the Sound of Music tour…it’s awesome. We went to Mozart’s birthplace, which was fair and probably more of a draw for musical people. 
  • Prague 2004

    Prague 2004

    Prague: there are restaurants underground that popped up during WWII, and I’d definitely recommend going to one of those. Walk around the main square, go to Hradcany (castle area), and walk across Karlov Most (Charles Bridge.) When I was in the Czech Republic, the Cow Parade was in town, of which I was delighted.

  • Berlin: I loved the Brandenburg Gate and climbing up on the roof of the Reichstag. We found an incredible outdoor market while there, but it was over 12 years ago that we were there…no clue where it is. Biergartens again a must.

After typing all of these, I am really in the mood for a European vacation. For now, I’ll settle for a business trip soon to Paris and a postcard from my friend’s holiday trip. And plans for a blog post about my adventures at Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest party.


One thought on “Central Europe

  1. Thank you Shan for the great tips! We had a wonderful trip even if the weather did not cooperate most of the time. Go to Vienna! Go to Budapest! Just go to all of the cities on the list again: Munich-Salzburg-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest-Prague-Dresden-Berlin. We enjoyed biergartens galore, the bus tour to Neuschwanstein, walked MANY Old Towns and castles and palaces, soaked in a Turkish bath, learned tons of WWI and WWII history and ate our way across Central Europe. Already wanting to plan our next trip!

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