Restaurant Recommendations in the City of Love

One of the most popular questions I am asked by friends and family about Paris is where to eat. Let today’s guide inspire you during your next visit to the City of Love, from the moderate to the exquisite…

In the 4th arrondissment of Paris, you have two beautiful options: Monjul and Cafe Louise. Monjul is an epicurean adventure that has really innovative food in a quaint spot in Les Marais. Cafe Louise is right across from the Centre Georges Pompidou, and when I was lucky enough to happen upon it, Louise herself recommended an incredible French dinner. It was a great experience, especially interacting with the cheerful owner.

If you head up near the Arc de Triomphe, which is where I usually am in the city, there are a couple of must-visit spots there. A very quick walk away from Etoile, Caius is so fantastic, I’ve been twice. The menus are only available in French, but the efficient servers were kind enough to translate the three-course feast options and make incredible recommendations. There are several more affordable options on Avenue Carnot, including the typical fare at Vin Coeur, which I visit each time I’m in the city, and a nearby wine bar.

Near the Arc, I also tried a Corsican place last time at the recommendation of a concierge, and it was an incredible mix between French and Italian fare. My friend and I shared the prosciutto starter, and my main course of duck was ah-mazing. The atmosphere was cozy and quaint. And lastly, for a drink, if you’re in the mood to drop 20-30 Euro for an exquisite view, go to the bar at the top floor of the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile (which was formerly called Concorde Lafayette.)

As you can see by the pictures, some of the best treats are found walking around, including happening upon a creperie during a nighttime stroll or having a glass of wine while visiting the Jardin des Tuileries. As the beloved Julia Childs would say, “Bon Appétit!”


One thought on “Restaurant Recommendations in the City of Love

  1. Ugh. I miss Paris. I feel like I’ve never been there long enough to really experience everything it has to offer. Except crepes…I always have plenty of crepes….too many crepes….yummm….crepes….

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