Public Art: A Cow Love Story

My love affair began in 2000 when I looked into the flame-retardant fiberglass eyes of a cow. Since then, I have run into the Cow Parade (and similar tours of public art) in cities from Copenhagen to Chicago and Prague to Las Vegas. Because I am a dork, once I see a beautiful bovine–even years after the event–I must take a photo with it. My enthusiastic fan-dom has a purpose: Cow Parade’s website boasts that over 100,000 million people globally have seen the herds…which has raised over $20 million for charitable organizations.

I’ve met crab sculptures in Baltimore, bear statues in British Columbia, seagulls on display in Salt Lake City, and public art hearts across San Francisco. Dallas, my hometown, has even started a tourism campaign–“Big Things Happen in Dallas,” where one can be the “I” next to the letters “B” and “G.” I even had the exciting opportunity to attend the opening ceremony of Houston’s Cool Globes exhibit in 2009. Add these public art finds to the already popular World’s Biggest Ball of Twine and its peers, and I am off on a roadtrip to discovery. But don’t tell anyone…the cows are my favorite.


One thought on “Public Art: A Cow Love Story

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