Instagrenoble, France

Last week, a work trip took me to Grenoble, France, where I was fortunate enough to mix business with pleasure: networking over a French cooking class, amazingly affordable wine, and crazy weather. One day, it would be fabulously sunny, and the next, my colleagues and I experienced snow. And no trip to France would be complete without incredible food, and an evening at Auberge Napoléon was absolutely divine. It’s ranked as the second best restaurant in Grenoble on Trip Advisor, and I can see why–I had the meat prix fixe, and each course was better than the next. This gorgeous city nestled in the Alps is certainly worth a visit when in France, as you can see through the “lens” of my Instagram camera.


One thought on “Instagrenoble, France

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog post. From your blog post, I understand the France culture deeply. From your pictures, I understand that France has traditional food called a French Feast. I really like you hash tag the restaurant name; therefore, I have a chance to get more information about this famous French restaurant. Food is the best way to represent the local culture!

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