Czastles, Czulture, and Czhurches in Czech Republic

I’ve long heard of Prague as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and a week long trip to the Czech Republic in 2004 certainly proved that theory true. During this trip, the Hilton Prague Old Town was my home away from home, and it was the perfect spot to walk to many of the city’s beautiful sites: Karlov Most (the Charles Bridge), Old Town Square and its famous astronomical clock, and Hradčany, which is the castle district. Highlights of my time in Prague were dinner at an underground cellar restaurant (which we were told popped up during World War II) and seeing the public art via the Cow Parade.

My trip to the Czech Republic was primarily for a good friend’s wedding, and it took place in the quaint Southern Bohemian town of Třeboň. Picture a quaint city square with cafes, beautiful churches, and a trip to the Bohemia Regent brewery, and you have this darling little historical town. Experiencing a wedding–and the local customs that surrounded it, like a full-fledged parade through town of the wedding party–was quite unique. Prague is a beautiful European city and holds up against the oft-compared Budapest; I also really enjoyed visiting a town outside of the city to experience more of the local culture and history.

The Rooftops of Prague


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