August 2018 Travel Photo of the Month

During a summertime stay in Manhattan, my sister visited for the day. Our itinerary included the Met, where we were dazzled by the Heavenly Bodies exhibit. We walked through Central Park and feasted on a prix fixe lunch on the Upper East Side. Then, we headed south to see the United Nations headquarters.

Visitors must obtain a pass across the street from the entry–only one person per party must wait in line. We went through heavy security to enter the grounds, complete with a vast garden landscape, artwork donated from countries around the world, and daily tour options.

It was while strolling around the outside of the building’s entry that I discovered the bronze sculpture that is August’s POTM™. Non-Violence, by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, was crafted in 1985 to honor John Lennon. The knotted gun is a sign of peace and was donated to the United Nations in 1988 by the government of Luxembourg.

2018-07-19 16.01.34


Welcome to New York!

Taylor Swift wrote us a song–Welcome to New York–and it was the soundtrack of our visit there recently. In that vein, I thought I’d write a melody of my own to sum up our weekend there. Maestro, if you please…

New York is Cold
A Melody by S. Bates

Brrr! Brr! Wear your scarf.
Freeze freeze…with hat and gloves!
The 9/11 Memorial is profoundly gorgeous
And filled with thoughts of love.

Subway to Soho; get your Metro card.
Stop in Prada en route to warm up…
Meet friends from college over brunch
at Hundred Acres over bub(bles).

Head uptown down the avenue;
Ignore the freezing wind (freezing wind!)
Stroll hand-and-hand in Central Park
Before spotting the Plaza and going in!

A glass of Malbec at the bar
Will warm you like nothing can.
Head down Fifth Avenue to experience
The deliciousness that is Bergdorf Goodman.

Here the cafe is a dream–
The best to celebrate…
Friends, family, art deco, impeccable service,
And your fiance’s birthday.

Bundle up…bundle up!
The rest of the trip is a whirl.
Dining at Vice Versa and A Voce
Makes you ready to get on a diet, girl!

Check out of the fabulous W Downtown;
Hop an Uber and head to JFK.
You avoided the winter storm.
Go home, warm up, hurray!

I knew I was an global business traveler and an amateur photographer, but until I wrote the above (possibly Grammy-winning) ballad, I had no idea that songwriting was in my future. (Insert sarcasm here.) Even with my lack of musical talent, I hope you’ll agree with me that a trip to cold NYC is the perfect thing to do in January, provided one has a fabulous winter coat. Welcome to New York!