I Heart Texas

Like many, my husband and I have been glued to the coverage of Hurricane Harvey devastating Southeast Texas. While we watch this from the safety of Las Vegas, we are both originally from the Lone Star State and have many loved ones who live in Houston and surrounding areas. Each day, we call home and scour social media to see how our friends and family members are faring with the storm. It’s quite a feeling of helplessness–besides donating and keeping this part of the country in our thoughts and prayers.

We’ve checked on people daily, nervously asking about reservoir levels in Houston area neighborhoods. This morning, we learned that several levees near my husband’s hometown of Beaumont have either failed or are nearing a breaking point (source: NBC News). Some family members’ homes have sustained water damage; however, we don’t know the extent yet.

Yet, though all of this anxiety and devastation, I’ve never been so proud to be a Texan. Seeing photos of strangers helping one another and people pulling together brings tears to my eyes. College friends from across the state headed south to Houston, boats in tow to help the rescue efforts. My stepfather is heading to a small town called Woodsboro to help clear damage from the hurricane, and my mother and I are so proud. A friend in Oklahoma has offered to shelter friends’ pets in Houston, kindly driving several hours to pick the animals up. My dad and stepmother have opened their home to my in-laws, should they need to evacuate. And my social media feeds are full of ways to donate, contribute, and help make a difference in the lives of these strong Texans.

This post isn’t a travel post (although I couldn’t blog without including some photos from my home state). Texas’ state motto is “friendship”, and it is evident the way people are helping others during this disaster. Although I live in Nevada and love my adopted city of Las Vegas, this week my heart and soul is in Texas. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to those that have experienced loss from Hurricane Harvey; I heart Texas.


Public Art: A Cow Love Story


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