August 2018 Travel Photo of the Month

During a summertime stay in Manhattan, my sister visited for the day. Our itinerary included the Met, where we were dazzled by the Heavenly Bodies exhibit. We walked through Central Park and feasted on a prix fixe lunch on the Upper East Side. Then, we headed south to see the United Nations headquarters.

Visitors must obtain a pass across the street from the entry–only one person per party must wait in line. We went through heavy security to enter the grounds, complete with a vast garden landscape, artwork donated from countries around the world, and daily tour options.

It was while strolling around the outside of the building’s entry that I discovered the bronze sculpture that is August’s POTM™. Non-Violence, by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, was crafted in 1985 to honor John Lennon. The knotted gun is a sign of peace and was donated to the United Nations in 1988 by the government of Luxembourg.

2018-07-19 16.01.34


Christmas Market in Sweden

Two years ago in November, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Scandinavia, one of my favorite parts of the world. While there, I realized that I might be able to visit a Swedish Christmas market in Malmö. Luckily enough, I walked down a lovely pedestrian thoroughfare from my hotel to hit the market and browse through some of my favorite Swedish stores like Indiska. The holiday scents from delicious food and drink offerings like glögg (mulled wine) were intoxicating! My must-have purchase? A tomte gnome, which is a traditional Swedish version of Santa. With this brisk evening jaunt in 37◦F weather, I had a fantastic glimpse into Christmas customs from a country that I adore. An early “God Jul” to you!